Help required on Sept 18

Hey all!
I’m still after a few super awesome people to give what is currently a small team a large hand on the 18th helping with out with the Mini get into touch taster session at Old Leams for their build up to the grand Rugby World Cup Opener on the 18th.
It will be amazing to get a few extra hands in helping with;
  • coaching the basics
  • play as a ringer for your coached team
  • spot of light reffing the games
Arrive at 4:30pm with play from 5 @ Old Leams RFC.
After we finish at around 6:30/45 the club will start there build up to the RWC Opener & England Game.
So bring your camping chairs, rugs and the like to huddle round the BIG OUTDOOR SCREEN and watch the action unfold.
Even if you can’t help out get yourself down to the club and come watch the game :)
The more the merrier and will be awesome to help Old Leams who have helped us out so much this past year.
There will be a spot of grub and refreshment for all those that help out :D
Hope you can help out :)
Thanks and hope you can help out

Committee meeting tonight

Don’t forget the committee meeting is on at 6pm in the Clarendon Pub in Leamington.
All welcome and hope to see you coming along and giving your views.
The table name is Palmer and look for our lovely faces.
There is a Pub Quiz on after If you want to stay and rack those brain cells to ultimate glory!

Touch in the park this Saturday

Touch will be on in the park this Saturday from 10am until midday.

touch in the parkHeld at St Nicholas Park in Warwick, next to the astros, the free session will run as follows:

10am – by popular demand there will be a fast and frantic fitness start to the day (nothing too scary!)

10.15am – skills. All about intensity!

10.50am – Game time! We’ll be applying what we’ve talked about in games, with regular catch-up stops on what’s going on. We’ll be looking to continue to build on the basics from previous weeks.

Everyone is welcome.

See you all Saturday!

Touch in the park this Saturday

To celebrate a nice long Bank Holiday weekend there will be an extended touch in the park session this Saturday.

touch in the parkHeld at St Nicholas Park in Warwick, next to the astros, the free session will run as follows:

9.45am – by popular demand there will be a focus on fitness to start (nothing too scary!)

10.10am – skills. We’ll be looking at communication (you will love this one!), and then refreshing work on the wave/drag and finishing up on the scoop technique and application.

10.50am – Game time! We’ll be applying what we’ve talked about in games, with regular catch-up stops on what’s going on.

midday-ish – head to the Bowling Green (it’s accessed just off the car park in the park so walking distance) for a beer/coke/water and chat through touch tactics, or Made in Chelsea in New York, the choice is yours…

Everyone is welcome.

See you all Saturday!

O2 Touch League gets underway!

The O2 Touch League got underway last night at Old Leamingtonians Rugby Club and what a fantastic evening.

touch leagueThe sun was shining and we had six men’s teams, four mixed teams and more than 70 players!

The results from yesterday are as follows:

Men’s League:
Barbarians 4 – Team Wakka 14
JLR AllStars 10 – Salty Dogs 2
Warwick Knights 4 – WMS 7

Mixed League:
Warwick Knights 5 – Warwick Jesters 4
Angry Beavers 0 – ParkLife 6

All this week’s ties were friendlies, so the competition starts for real next week with those newer to touch now having the chance to get the hand of the rules.

See you all next Monday!

Or if anyone would like to go over the basics there will be touch in St Nicholas Park, Warwick, this Saturday from 10am until midday. Everyone is welcome, there is no charge for this, although if driving remember change for the pay and display machine!

Warwick Take Tips From The Top

Last Autumn Warwick member Claire Rylance completed an England Touch survey, as a result of this she was the lucky entrant to win a coaching session from a top England coach for the club.

Saturday April 5th saw the club receiving their coaching from Tim Osborne (Head of Elite Performance and Women’s Open Coach) at their base at Old Leams RFC.

divingThe Warwick members and friends from Wellsborne Ladies Touch were put through their paces with a range of skills and drills during the 3 hour session.  The damp conditions lending themselves perfectly for everyone’s favourite skill of the session…. diving!

There were some top dives on display which hopefully will be recreated over the summer in both the upcoming O2 Touch League and CTS tournaments.

And of course the session was completed with a game to put those new skills into practice. The day was a great success with everyone learning something to take forwards into their play in the future. Huge thanks to Tim for travelling up and putting together a great session for us!

Top touch continues with Warwick Touch:

The O2 Touch League is now underway on Mondays at Old Leams RFC from 6.30pm, and Touch in the Park is back with Jack on Saturday mornings………..there’s no excuse not to get involved!

touch training

Warwick Winners of England Coaching Session

Last year Warwick Touch member Claire Rylance filled out an England Touch survey on development of the sport, little did she know at the time the benefits this would have to the club.

‘It was a survey on the ETA website, I think it only took me 5 minutes to fill in. I’d kind of forgotten about it until October when I got an email through from England Touch. Everyone completing the survey got put in a draw to win their club coaching from one of the England coaches- and it was my name that got drawn out!”

The prize was a coaching session by Tim Osborne (Head of England Elite Performance) for the club.

The club can announce that this will be happening on Saturday 5th April, 10am- 2pm at Old Leamingtonians RFC, please let us know if you are planning to attend the session. It will be great for the whole club but especially those in our CTS squads to prepare for the season ahead.

Venue Change Keeps Warwick Afloat

The wettest winter on record presented challenging times for the hardy Warwick Touchers.

With their Old Leams base slowly getting more and more soggy, handling more tricky and a number of members considering purchasing snorkels and flippers as kit items a change of venue became the most viable option.

Warwick were fortunate in securing the use of the astro pitches at nearby North Leamington School for 8 weeks. No more cancellations due to pitch conditions and a fast running surface has allowed for basic touch skills to shine. With new coach Paul Farrington on board handling has improved, running lines sharpened and the club readied for the Touch season (both social and competitive) ahead.

With the weather now improving the club are glad to announce they will be returning to their base at Old Leamingtonians RFC, Sandy Lane from Monday 24th March co-inciding with the exciting news that Old Leamingtonians will become an O2 Touch Base with Warwick Touch providing the sessions and upcoming Summer League.

New to Touch or played before, come and join us on Monday 24th March at Old Leams RFC from 6pm as we kick off the summer!